Educator Preparation Program Providers

Test Preparation and Program Planning: Information and Resources

Test Information

On the Test Info page, you and your candidates can find:

  • General program and test information
  • Licensure requirements information
  • Links to test-specific information pages

Review information on Test Development Activities.

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Helping Candidates Prepare for the MTEL

Make sure candidates know how to make the most of these preparation tools:

  • Test objectives
    Defining test content
  • Test information guides
    Providing general program and test information, test-taking strategies, test objectives, sample questions, test directions, and open-response rubrics
  • Practice tests for many fields
    Providing sample questions plus information on using the practice test in a study plan, evaluating answers, and calculating a score
  • Prep videos and computer-based testing tutorials
    Providing information to help candidates prepare effectively and become familiar with the computer-based test experience and testing center

Helping Candidates Prepare for MTEL-Flex

MTEL-Flex: Supporting Your Candidates Webinar PDF

  • provides information about MTEL-Flex, an innovative option that is now available to some MTEL candidates who have come very close to passing their MTEL subject matter test
  • discusses how educator preparation programs can provide appropriate support to students who have registered to complete MTEL-Flex

Worksheets and Handouts

Candidate Readiness Profile Word document.
Have the candidate complete this before your first planning meeting—includes instructions and useful information for candidates and advisors

Objective-to-Course Matching Chart: Word document. aligning course content with test objectives
For use by

  • candidates—to assess how completed coursework aligns to test objectives and to identify gaps
  • ed prep programs—to assess alignment of course offerings to test objectives
  • Study Outline Chart Word document.
    Provided for candidates in Section 2 of each Test Information Guide, with instructions for use in the "Focus your studies" section

    Interpreting Score Report Information and Assisting Candidates

    Score report explanations

    Helping your candidates interpret their test results
    Information on interpreting candidate score report information and advising candidates on future preparation

    Educator Preparation Program Planning and Use of Data

    These resources may be used in program planning and describe how to understand and use candidates' performance information.

    Understanding and Analyzing Program Data
    Information about reports provided to educator preparation programs and Massachusetts DESE

    Technical Information

    Technical Manual (updated annually)

    Here you can find:

    • Detailed test development and operations information
    • Annual reports (including annual pass rate reports)
    • Supplemental test development information for several fields
    • References

    Test Validity and Reliability PDF

    MTEL Test Schedule and Score Report Dates

    Purchasing Vouchers

    Test fee vouchers

    The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education makes available to educator preparation programs a supply of MTEL test fee vouchers to assist their students with test fees. In addition to the vouchers provided to educator preparation programs on behalf of the Department, vouchers are available for purchase by educator preparation programs to provide candidates with full or partial credit toward fees for test registration.

    To purchase test registration vouchers: Please complete and submit a Voucher Request Form PDF.

    Practice test fee vouchers

    Vouchers are available for purchase by educator preparation programs to provide candidates with credit toward fees for the purchase of practice tests offered in an interactive format.

    To purchase practice test vouchers: Please complete and submit a Practice Test Voucher Order Form PDF.

    Note: When available, practice tests for National Evaluation Series™ assessments are added to candidates' carts automatically during registration at no additional cost, so vouchers are not necessary.

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